Integrating Western Medicine with Complementary Therapies: the importance of East meets West for healthcare.


It is disheartening to think that pharmaceutical companies are not investing as much time and effort into research for antibiotics because there just isn’t as much money in it as heart medication. Heart medication must be taken everyday whereas a course of antibiotics is only a week, and if you add on the fact that resistance makes the drugs useless after a while, well it’s easy to see why pharmaceutical companies aren’t showing that much enthusiasm for difficult research.

This is a problem because this resistance has led scientists to predict that we probably have another 10 years before antibiotics will be futile to fight off bacterial infections. Imagine going back to a time when the risk of infection after surgery will be more deadly than the surgery itself.

This is when traditional acupuncture will be more important than ever. If we, ourselves, are to be the only form of defence against infections then we must make sure our bodies are as prepared as we can make them. This means that along with exercise and a healthy diet, we must also make sure our bodies’ qi is balanced and regulated. Remember, prevention is better than cure.


Photo credit: Michael Mortensen via flickr 

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