September is the time to do a body MOT


Image: lululemon athletica on flickr


Tradtionally September signals the end of bank holidays and the countdown to the next time off at Christmas. After the extraordinary heatwave we experienced this summer, it may be a comfort for some to embrace the autumn and scarves and hats that it brings. I for one, am never ready for the arrival of cold and the increasingly shorter days. The changes in our surroundings should also highlight the importance of our health. Like a car, it’s important to check that you’re doing everything you can to ensure your body is working at its best to prepare for the rest of the year.

  • Start taking a daily dose of echinacea. This is readily available in various forms ranging from capsules, tincture to teas. Ideally start taking echinacea from September to February to boost your immune system during the tricky flu season.
  • Start a new form of exercise. Try wall climbing or hula hooping. This is a great way to meet new people while giving your body a work out. There’s no point trying to be healthy with New Year’s resolutions during the coldest, darkest month of the year. There’s probably a reason schools always start in September after a nice summer when your mind is geared up. If you pick up a new hobby now, chances are you’ll be more likely to continue with it later.
  • The cold almost always means we crank up the heat and close all the windows. This results in a boiling train carriage teeming with cold germs. Wrap up warm but do try to air the area. Fresh air is good!
  • It can be tempting to do away with the healthy summery salads and eat way too stodgy comfort foods. There is no reason why comfort foods can’t be healthy: spinach pies, tuna pasta bake, pumpkin soup etc.
  • Wash your hands! 


Take care of yourself, and more importantly enjoy yourself.

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