1 in 5 fathers are affected by depression


Image: Zach Klein


A recent study funded by the Medical Research Council found that 1 in 5 men suffer from depression by the time their child is 12 years old. While awareness for postnatal depression has increased, although the official figures are probably lower than the actual number of women affected, depression amongst new fathers is less well documented. Researchers from the study cite stresses that can trigger depression include:

  • a change in sleep patterns
  • changed responsibilities
  • extra pressures on the parents’ relationship.


Both new parents and new parents-to-be should be prepared for the possibility of depression that can come with their bundle of joy, and be encouraged to seek help as early as possible, if needed. This can include traditional talking therapies, or acupuncture which can often help with depression and stress.


In this instance, knowledge and preparation could make a difference in the illness being treated, and improving the quality of life during a stressful period. 


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