Are you feeling irritable and cranky? | Acupuncture isn’t just for back pain


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Are you feeling out of sorts or frustrated in relationships? Is work no longer an enjoyable thing and you’re just looking forward to the end of day when you can rush back and do something you love? You feel healthy but are you feeling good?


Acupuncture can benefit whether you have health concerns or not.


What is acupuncture?

At its simplest, acupuncture is the practice of inserting sterile hair-fine needles at specific points in the body to regulate the body’s flow of energy and relieve symptoms of disease. It’s a branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that dates back over 2,000 years.

Imagine a traffic jam during rush hour. Cars are blocking the road and no one can get anywhere. You start to feel tense around the neck and shoulders, you’re getting tired and annoyed, and oh no, now you need the bathroom as well. 

Blocked energy in your body is just as bad. Acupuncture works on balancing and nurturing the body naturally so that it can do its own job properly. If our bodies are working at their highest potential, without the interference of stress and trauma, and we slow down enough to pay attention, then we shouldn’t be sick, we shouldn’t be in pain and we shouldn’t be cranky and agitated. Imagine if the traffic jam was suddenly removed: it’s a great feeling, right?


I thought acupuncture only worked for pain relief

No, that’s just one of its benefits. Acupuncture helps relieve pain by removing blockages and balancing the body, so that it can operate at its strongest and most efficient. In the same way, acupuncture can help relieve the emotional stresses and weights that have accumulated and are wearing you down. In fact it can help with:

  • Have a specific symptom or condition
  • Feel generally unwell but have no obvious diagnosis
  • Want to maintain good health, as a preventative measure
  • Want to improve your general sense of wellbeing.


But I’m scared of needles

Acupuncture needles are very fine and don’t feel anything like injections or giving blood. Most people don’t even feel the insertion and as you’ll be lying down, you won’t see the needles. Only sterile, disposable needles are used.

Your acupuncturist should always make sure you are comfortable and tailor your treatment accordingly. And don’t worry, you won’t look like a pin cushion! Trust me, a paper cut can hurt a lot more. 


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