Recharge your Batteries over the Christmas Break.


Image: Johnny Klemme


Whether you’re religious or not, the Christmas period is always appreciated, if only for the actual time off you can take away from work or school. If you do celebrate Christmas, then organizing all the food and presents as well as all the family visits can be quite stressful.

Either way, use this winter break to get your energy back.


1.  Walk every day.

It may be tempting to stay indoors every single day of the break. Go outdoors in your wellies so you don’t have to worry about getting muddy. Or if you can handle the post Christmas sales crowds, go to the shops and window shop. If you are driving to the shopping mall, don’t park in the closest possible space to the door.


2.  Make treats special.

It is so easy to overindulge during Christmas, what with all the extra portions of food and candies and chocolates. Try to remember that when it comes to food, Christmas is just another day, so don’t eat till you burst.

Chocolates and sweets do enhance your mood but these effects are short-lived, so don’t gorge on them. Make the treats special by having a few good quality ones rather than loads of junk.


3.  Add colour to your table.

Amongst the food and table decorations, put out some fruit. They add colour and some well needed fiber and vitamins. Blueberries are good for their antioxidant qualities and avocados have healthy doses of good fats and nutrients. Bananas are lovely and colourful for that festive cheer look as well as providing potassium and vitamin B6. Kiwis and clementines are seasonal and also good sources of vitamin C, which help build your immune system and may combat stress.


4.  Take a nap.

Use this opportunity to recharge your batteries. Set your alarm to ensure you don’t snooze for more than 30 minutes (I think 15 -20 minutes is ideal).


5.  Have a good breakfast.

If you’re lucky enough to not have to work during the Christmas break, use this opportunity to have a good breakfast without needing to rush out the door. Try poached eggs on toast or a fruit smoothie.


Most importantly of all, enjoy yourself! Travel safely if you’re visiting loved ones and have a lovely merry Christmas! 


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