Quick and Easy Energy Soup

Image: zenara


I don’t know if it’s the slightly mad and manic build-up to Christmas or just the sheer excitement of possibly catching a glimpse of Santa, but every year I get a bit under the weather and my body goes into a mild shut down. First to appear is the headache, precursor to the sniffles and body aches. Sometimes the itchy throat comes merrily along to join the fun.


Of course none of this is helped by the fact that Christmas gatherings involve being in closed surroundings with other people who have their own wheezing and coughing parties.


This soup is a nice and refreshing change from the overindulgence of the festive period.


We had this soup after Boxing Day. It’s quick and easy, which suits me perfectly.


Bring some water to boil, and throw in some cut up tomatoes (I tend to use 3 per person). Break in an egg and stir. (If you’re using an electric hob, now’s the time to turn it off and put on the lid.)


Add a bit of salt and sugar, and some pepper if you like. When it comes to salt and sugar, I use the one-third rule: ie one teaspoon of sugar, and 1/3 teaspoon of salt. But do use sparingly, the tomatoes have a lovely sweetness already.


Soup is ready after 5 minutes or when tomatoes are soft.


If you want you can add another egg (one for each person) and have that poached. You can also add some seaweed if you like. When I’m looking for something more substantial, I tend to have it over some boiled rice.

When in season, it’s very nice with a side dish of stir-fried (then steamed/boiled) Brussels sprouts and bacon. The Brussels sprouts should be cooked but still have crunch in them, there is nothing worse than over boiled soft Brussels sprouts.


Get plenty of rest, if you can.


I know not everyone has the entire Christmas period off, and there are many people who are working this week. But if you can, get plenty of rest: there’s nothing worse than starting the new year feeling unwell.


Have a safe and healthy new year! 


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