New Year Resolutions part two


 Image: D. Sharon Pruitt


January is notoriously the time many people resolve to be a lot healthier than they have been for the past ten months. It’s the time diets (or healthy eating) begin and gym memberships are bought. Some people opt to detox while others go for energy boosting.


January is also the time when many of the resolutions bite the dust. Did you make a health plan and are you still keeping to it?


I am a firm believer that you need to enjoy something to want to continue with it. So if you’re not really a gym bunny then you can still find something else instead of giving up altogether. Ideally you should get your heart rate going and do some weight bearing exercises (carrying the groceries count!) but the most important bit is that you’re moving and not just flopping onto the sofa seven days a week. Window shopping (not online!) involves walking so do that instead, plus it’s free!


Eat sensibly. As long as your portions don’t involve giant platters, you’re okay. Many times it’s not the food you’re eating but the accompaniments: salad dressing, sauces, gravy, beer, ketchup…


And as Chinese New Year is February 3, you’re actually ahead with your new year resolutions (hurray!). 


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