Health and Wellbeing | Give your mind and body a clean this spring.



This week marked the beginning of Lent for Christian denominations with Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Tuesdays as it is better known in some households) and Ash Wednesday. In Greece it marked with Clean Monday, a public holiday, that often signals the beginning of spring.


Lets go fly a kite…


Although it has its footing in the Greek Orthodox calendar, Clean Monday brings to mind more of a sense of spring, a new beginning. Perhaps because the word “clean” is in its title, and some people do have a bout of spring cleaning, but Clean Monday is often celebrated with outdoor excursions and picnics. My childhood memories consist of innumerable attempts at flying ridiculously heavy hexagonal kites. Perhaps my father and I just never tapped into our special kiting talents, but invariably our kite would never stay in the air for more than one minute.


But it was good wholesome fun that celebrated a sense of carefree living. For me, it was a day off school that I got to spend with my workaholic parents and eating delicious seafood. For the adults, I like to think it was a day they could remove themselves from the stresses of work and life for just a few hours.


This year, the unseasonably cold snap means Clean Monday hasn’t been exactly spring-like in northern Greece. However it’s still a nice opportunity for everyone to spring-clean the cobwebs from our heads, the clutter from our shelves and add some colour into our minds.


Go fly a kite.


Do you have an annual body-and-mind spring clean?


Photo credit: djsosumi via flickr

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