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So the bunting’s come down and the royal wedding has been a success. The world has watched and delighted in all the colours and uniforms, the horses and pageantry, the ceremonial and the helium balloons tied to the back of the Aston Martin.


A celebratory spirit in the air.


I am not very knowledgeable on the British royal family. The arrangement of titles (Duchess of this, Earl of that) baffles me, especially when they all seem to relate to the same person. I did enjoy the examples of marketing genius on display; who knew I could buy Royal Icing Sugar or Royal Massage Oil? My favourite was from Krispy Kreme, which diverted attention from the royal couple with the tagline under an image of two glazed donuts: “Don’t forget the rings, Harry”.


Union Jacks abounded and it did seem like April this year has become Christmas by proxy, what with the London Marathon at the beginning of the month, the Easter bank holidays and the Wedding (complete with its own twitter #rw2011). I admire the crowds who camped out overnight (some of them a few nights) to get the best view, and was quite astonished to hear that a lot of them came from quite a way away.


The general public cheeriness gives us all a respite from the continuous strains of modern life. The flags will come down and the souvenir mugs will be put away but we don’t have to put the uplifting mood to the back of the closet.


Keep the party mood going in other areas of your life.


Social community is important, whether it be your local pub, the weekly zumba class or your knitting club. As I’ve written before, loneliness affects our health a lot more than we think.


Keeping your body and mind agile with exercise and crossword puzzles is excellent but it’s also nice to give your brain a sense of anticipation. So meet up with your friends for a chat even if it’s only once a month, or go watch that 3D Werner Herzog movie about the Chauvet caves. Financial and family commitments mean you might not be able to go for spa weekends away every three weeks but you can plan little events in your diary to help you de-stress. Some people have weekly acupuncture treatments to help them feel calmer or more energized. Others look forward to their hour of bliss having a facial and there are those who love nothing better than meeting up for Thursday poker night.


Even if you don’t believe in the monarchy, believe in all the newspapers and magazines and supplements and leaflets telling you that last weekend was party time and have that as a running theme. It is inevitable that some days will be more overwhelming than others or you may lay awake some nights but it’s easier to bounce back up if you take control.


What do you think? Is it unrealistic to try to maintain the anticipation and excitement leading up to the culmination of a joyous event all the time?


And for those of you who have perhaps overindulged in too many Easter eggs or drink these past two weeks, try some root ginger in your food or in a glass of honey water. Your stomachs will thank you.


Photo credit: Nick Richards via flickr

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