Grand slam your way to a sunny summer



First of all, I would like to personally apologize to everyone in London (and probably the entire southeast of England) who had looked forward to a nice lovely June (we did have a really brilliant May after all). This current bout of indecisive weather (all four seasons rolled into one day for those of you not fortunate enough to experience the schizophrenic climate) is actually my fault. Last weekend I got slightly delirious from the warmth and sun and bought a pair of light-coloured brogues, perfect for the summer. Which we might not get to experience now. Again, my apologies.


(If we do happen to see the sun for more than three consecutive hours, I would just like to say: I always had faith in you June, that’s why I got the brogues!)


So how is June panning out for you so far?


It’s funny to think that your perception of things really does change as you get older (and wiser). Growing up, the last day of school was always around June 15 (I remember this because Mike-in-my-class’s birthday was always the day after, bless him). For me, the beginning of summer vacation was a mix of exhilaration (yeah, I can sleep in till 9am!) and uneasiness (boredom is a lot more daunting when you have almost three months of long, hot Greek summers ahead and the school library closes in July).


But as children, weren’t we all amazingly bendy and flexible in our attitudes and games? Within five days I would’ve finished all the books allocated for the summer (only to be reread a few more times over during the following weeks). Thereafter the summer was what we made of it: long walks into the depths of Panorama (before they built all the houses) armed with only that bottle of ice tea we used to buy from the shop furthest away from the neighbourhood in the hopes it would stay cool for more than 10 minutes.


Childhood for me, was an incredibly free and rewarding time. My friends and I were allowed to let our imaginations go wild and having been fed books like “Bridge to Terabithia” during the school year, we had the whole of summer to invent our own world where the two stray dogs that always accompanied us on those walks weren’t just dogs, they were Apollo and Poseidon- there to protect us from harm.


The world today for many of us is a lot more complicated. There are many things whirring in our heads, what with all the caps we wear for the different roles in our lives. Use this time to remind yourself of what you love best and maybe, just take a step back and breathe. Sometimes we forget to do that, but it’s an awfully nice feeling to remember.


Photo credit: Jonatas Cunha via flickr

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