Pointspace’s monthly roundup | July



Greetings everybody! We are officially past the mid-way point of the year which of course means some stores will soon have Christmas decorations up. For once this doesn’t seem quite that out of place this year, what with the lovely Arctic weather we seem to be getting.


What has caught my eye this month? 


July is my month, my birthday is on the 16th and every year I make sure you know about it. I suspect people expect me to lose enthusiasm for it but I doubt I ever will. Being a July baby means it’s no easy feat to have a simple dinner as everyone is on holiday or just away to escape the city heat. But I persevere and use the entire month as an excuse to have that Peggy Porschen cupcake or that cake pop from Sukiandme.

This year I treated myself to a kick scooter and the general consensus (in my brainium) is why didn’t I get one sooner? My friend warns me I will get thunder thighs but who cares when you can feel the slight breeze going through your hair as you gently roll along a familiar stretch of the sidewalk that you never realized wasn’t entirely flat. It is great fun and I recommend you all get one.


Growing up it felt like I was the only one who had a summer birthday and had to have my party brought forward by over a month to make sure my classmates could attend before the end of the school year. But this year I’ve noticed quite a few taps on the shoulder from the (slightly too) helpful Facebook that Jeremy and Dian and Jon and Miltos and Mirca all have their birthdays in July.

1.  On her blog, Susan Orlean wonders whether all the Facebook prompts and nudges to remind you of a birthday make the whole act less sincere.


2.  I love London in the summertime. The days stretch longer like shadows and it’s always a pleasant experience to walk along the river at 8pm with the sunlight still going strong. It does wreck havoc on my sleep though, almost without fail I will wake up ridiculously early as the painfully brightness streams in through my bedroom windows. I know if I don’t get enough sleep I can be incredibly cranky but as it turns out, a disruption to our biological (or circadian) clocks can affect our health and wellbeing as well.


3.  Although a popular scenario in many novels of my childhood involving a feisty (possibly pig-tailed) overall-wearing tomboy I have never actually met someone who’s fallen into a carpet of poison ivy. I have however encountered extremely hungry mosquitoes that see me as a free buffet. Do you try to resist the temptation to scratch or do you attack the itch with ferocity? I discovered this month that there is actually a Center for the Study of Itch at the Washington University School of Medicine.


4.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) isn’t only about having acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs, your food and diet is also an important aspect of it. Think of food as medicine and it can act as the first line of defence in both the prevention and treatment of disease. I have found acupuncturist Frances Boswell’s commentary and explanations of food according to TCM extremely easy to understand without being too simplistic, especially this one on why we shouldn’t eat too many cold raw food. And her recipes sound really tasty too.

5.  Summer is walkathon season for me, and this year I walked in aid of Kidney Research UK. It was a lovely day spent along the river Thames (it was the London Bridges Walk after all) and it was great seeing all the other participants with their purple balloons. You can still donate online here, your support is greatly appreciated.


6. Finally, there is something terribly tranquil about this image from Brock Davis. I never had a tree house growing up, but I would certainly have been happy with this.

Photo credit: Jenny Downing via flickr 

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