Head Underground



Last Saturday, on my way home from work, I was reading my book (the siege of Constantinople in 1453) when the train pulled up to Bond Street station. Masses of people were piled on the platform and the quiet train was suddenly filled with tourists and shoppers.


I looked up and saw a lady with a young child, and so after catching her eye, I got up from my seat and waved her over. I stood in the aisle and continued reading but then noticed she hadn’t sat down because, in the brief 5 seconds it took for me to stand up, someone else had seamlessly glided into my seat.


The little girl’s legs weren’t too tired from her Saturday outing, and they soon got off at Westminster. It did make me think though, that perhaps what seems quite obvious to you and me may not appear so to another person.


Has this ever happened to you? A moment where you think you’ve made yourself quite clear but it doesn’t translate to the other person?


Photo credit: Annie Mole via flickr

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