6 tips to survive the holiday season



The holiday season is well and truly upon us with the numerous parties going underway as friends and colleagues make a mad dash for their diaries to try and fit everything in. A friend of mine had two parties to go to last weekend and will be out three nights in a row this week before meeting up with me for Sunday lunch.


I’m sure he’s not the only one who will be running around town (maybe he’ll bump into Santa?) so here are some tips to help you get through the festivities.


1. Eat at the party. Accept that around this time, your good eating habits will be somewhat compromised as you find yourself eating hors d’oeuvres for dinner yet again. I do try to stay away from carbs but when lunch was a long time ago, eating is quite necessary. As long as you haven’t wrestled the tray from the waiter then you should be fine. Think about it, you don’t eat any of the little toast bread things now but what if in the moment of weakness (and hunger) you attack that chocolate cake at 3am?


2. Stay hydrated. You will be offered many glasses of champagne from now until New Year’s, and sometimes those glasses of champagne come quite early in the day. You know your own threshold but beware the bloating and tiredness that could show on your face. If you’re not intolerant to it, a cold glass of milk is a wonderful thing to help soak up all that alcohol. If shouting over the loud music has given you a hoarse voice the next day, try honey and lemon water or Pei Pa Kao, a thick syrup available in Chinese supermarkets.


3. Keep exercising. Even if it’s only a 15 minute walk around the park, the fresh air will do you good and you’re staying active rather than being at your desk all day.


4. Eat sensibly during the day. Just because you’ve tucked into the nice little finger food at the parties doesn’t mean December has become a no-rules zone. Everywhere I’ve been lately (work, friends’ houses, shops) I seem to be offered chocolate and confectionary. You need to say no (to some, if not all) otherwise January will seem so much tougher. Also, plan your lunches, something light but will sustain you during the day. Soups are nice and warm but stay away from the office pizza get-together.


5. Get rest. Don’t overtax yourself. There may be some late nights and early starts from now till the New Year so if you can, organize your day. You could try squeezing in an hour of relaxing acupuncture or massage – just remember to give yourself some time to breathe.


6. Enjoy yourself. Wrap up warm and enjoy the excitement and positivity all around you.


Photo credit: Joe Buckingham via flickr

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