Pointspace’s monthly roundup | December



1.  The past few weeks may have seen you dashing around town trying to fit friends and office parties around your diary. Often it will involve drinks and most probably food as well. Then there’s also the cakes and pies scattered everywhere, in the workplace, at the supermarkets, sometimes in the queue when you’re lining up to pay for presents. So why is there so much more of an eating aspect in the winter?


2.  In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the kidney is most susceptible to the cold and injury in the winter. Amazing as it may seem, winter has just started (December 22 was the winter solstice) so here are some tips from acupuncturist Boynn McIntire on maintaining kidney health in the winter.


3.  A cancer diagnosis can be completely devastating and with the pounding the body takes both from the illness and the treatment, it’s not surprising that fatigue is by far the most common symptom affecting cancer patients. For many cancer-related fatigue is the most distressing factor as it drains the person relentlessly so that they are unable to enjoy simple daily activities that we take for granted. As such, acupuncture has been researched as an option to help provide relief for cancer patients.


4.  Are you planning on having some health resolutions for the New Year? Some of you may know that I advocate having implementing lifestyle changes in September where the days aren’t as short and we haven’t just been bombarded by all the rush of the festive season, but any positive change is better than none at all so take a look at these nutrition and fitness resolutions for 2012.


5. Take a look at this brilliantly relaxing video and I dare you not to have a silly giggle. 


Have a peaceful and happy New Year!!


Photo credit: zenera via flickr

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