Happy New Year



Americans have Thanksgiving to designate a time of thankfulness and appreciation. After the whirlwind of the party season, the simple joy of giving someone a present and of course the countdown to the New Year, I like to take time at the end of the year to reflect and count my blessings.


Family: I know a few fortunate souls who live within half an hour of their family, but let’s face it a lot of us don’t live in the same city of our parents, our childhood, our memories. The world of Skype and email has definitely made the world much smaller, but it doesn’t replace the touch of a loved one or the silly banter of a sister. I may not live near my family (although it is just a hop and a skip away) but I know I have their love and support.


Friends: In the Facebook stakes I do not have friends in the high hundreds, but every single one of my friends has made an impression on my life. Some live far away, some are just next door (a few stations down on the train) but they all make my life that little bit richer.


Health: It’s true when they say you don’t miss something unless you’ve lost it, and thankfully I still have my mind, my sight, my hearing, my sense of smell and taste, and my body is still going strong.


Beauty and laughter all around us: Sometimes it may seem as if the world is a bit tired and grey and the person sitting across from you could look a little more cheerful, but it really is all up to you to look for that tiny spark of colour. The more you do it, the bigger that spark becomes until, like Dorothy, your surroundings turn into glorious Technicolor. I have no qualms chuckling out loud on a crowded train or immersing myself into a lovely book. I have my desk facing the window and the scene outside, whilst rarely spectacular, is nevertheless always interesting.


Photo credit: Phil Wood via flickr

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