Pointspace’s January roundup | Rudeness, yoga and acupuncture for migraine



1.  Did you set yourself some resolutions this year? Apparently around the third week of January was when most people broke theirs, and it appears that’s because they ran out of willpower. Studies of past resolutions suggest that it’s much more effective to play offense and to fend off temptations before they occur, rather than try to exert willpower which is definitely not limitless.


2.  Like the proverbial butterfly that flaps its wings on one continent and cause a hurricane on another, small things we deem insignificant can have quite an effect on us. We all know that having one or two extra cookie with our tea is naughty but having one or two packets a day would be a health luxury few of us can afford. Or we may snap at an unfortunate person unlucky enough to be the last straw in an incredibly trying day. That was a bit rude but hopefully you did remember to apologize quite soon after the fact. 

A new study has shown that workplace rudeness can have a ripple effect. An unpleasant colleague’s behaviour can travel with you to affect your personal life too.


3.  A new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal showed that acupuncture is an effective treatment for migraines. 480 patients with migraine were randomly assigned to have “true” acupuncture or sham acupuncture. While both types of acupuncture seemed to have an effect on the patients, the “real” acupuncture groups reported doing slightly better. More studies will be needed to make the finding conclusive but it’s heartening to see clinical studies being trialled.


4.  Quite a bit of furore was caused this month when the New York Times published an article stating that yoga can damage your body. Although I believe it was a bit sensationalist it does raise awareness that not all holistic therapies and practices are equal. The most important message here is, as with ALL things, to find a properly trained and qualified professional who is skilled in their chosen field and can provide you with a safe environment. This says it all really: “In an industry where there is cursory certification and no official licensing, yoga teachers can become “qualified” with a 200-hour online course.


5. The brain is a delightful organ, and my brain delights in the unexpected. This Youtube clip is a wonderful example of combining two familiar things, you’ll never think of Old MacDonald’s farm in the same way.


Photo credit: CJ Schmit via flickr 

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