Give your eyes a break



If you spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen (or an ipad or a smartphone or a kindle or just plain reading) it’s important that you take breaks to help relax your eyes.


When I was young my father placed my desk in a prime spot in the living room. It faced a window that had a gorgeous view of the Panorama countryside (back before it was all built up with villas), specked with trees in the far distance that I was meant to look at every half hour or so. Here in London, I have plants dotted around the living room so there is always something natural and green to look at.   


When you’re engrossed in your work on the screen, sometimes it’s hard to remember to blink, let alone look away. I recently discovered this very cool piece of software to help with that.


Called the Eye Defender, it sits in the system tray and pops up after a fixed interval to show a visual training for your eyes. See the video below in full screen. 



You’re meant to follow the pointers with your eyes without moving your head (here’s a good opportunity to make sure your monitor is at the correct height) and it should help relax your eyes.


Another good tip you can try anywhere (I find myself doing this on the train a lot after a long day) is to look up as high as you can (again without moving your head) and then back to the middle. Then look at what would be one o’clock and back to the middle. Slowly work your way around the clock, going back to the center each time. When you’ve finished a circle, do it again anti-clockwise, and repeat about 3 times or until you’ve reached your station. 


Photo credit: Jane Rahman via flickr

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