Does hayfever make you a watery, sneezy mess? Try this herbal remedy

Image: Elliot Stokes via Flickr

Spring and sunshine are just what I needed. I noticed a long time ago that the temperature doesn’t matter as long as there is sunlight during my waking hours. It makes everything seem so much more delightful when yellow daffodils, tulips, and ribbons in girls’ hair are contrasted against the clear blue skies.

But one person’s heaven can be another one’s hell. Enter hayfever season. I suffer from it – the little innocent sneezes gradually become blocked noses and watery eyes culminating (highlighted during my unguarded walk through Epping Forest one year) in the most blindingly heavy headaches.

Hayfever is tricky, it requires a little bit of forward planning which can sometimes be neglected as there are no symptoms. Once the effects of hayfever hit though, you wish you’d started preparing your body for it earlier.

This year I have been very good, and started drinking this herbal remedy every day, the same leaves can make a few good cups in my experience. You can get the ingredients easily in stores like Neals Yard Remedies and brew it in a cafetiere. This remedy, which is equal parts Eyebright, Nettle, Elderflower and Peppermint, can help ease the symptoms of hayfever, relieve the sinuses and alleviate the eyes.

As with all herbal remedies, consult a practitioner if you are pregnant or on medication.

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