Five days of acupuncture

Image: sarniebill1 via Flickr

Do acupuncturists have acupuncture treatments? You bet we do.

Last week, I had five acupuncture sessions in five consecutive days. I must admit, this is quite an indulgence even for myself, but it felt ever so good.

Spring always catches me off-guard, especially spring in London. The weather is ridiculously unpredictable: the sun teases you with her rays and then the wind appears to show you who’s the boss. Having grown up in Greece where a sunny day equals a warm day, I still get caught out by the bright glare outdoors to discover that it’s not quite tropical weather just yet. This isn’t helped by the number of overenthusiastic people parading about in short sleeves already. They may have an abundance of yang qi, but I definitely don’t and I pay for it if I don’t continue with my layers.

I don’t know what is about the spring but I always feel under the weather, which is so annoying when the world is coming alive again with the flowers pushing through the earth and the ducks and geese squawk and honk merrily. Whereas most people feel sluggish at the first signs of colds and flu around September and October time, my own body finds the emergence of yang qi out of winter mode more difficult to handle.

So instead of having my usual maintenance session this month, I had five, all in one week. It was difficult to squeeze them all in, but once I had committed and marked the appointments down it became a non-issue. I had mine in the beginning of the day as I work late, but oh how I would’ve loved to have my sessions in the evening.

During the first two treatments I was completely knocked out, sleeping on the treatment bed as soon as the needles were in, with the dull sense of de-qi keeping me company. On the third treatment I was sleepy but awake and by the end of the week I could feel the acupuncture changing from having a restorative and tonifying effect on my body to an invigorating and balancing one.

It was wonderful, and the little moments of calm during my week were sublime. How are you preparing yourself for spring?

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2 thoughts on “Five days of acupuncture

  1. With essential oils! 😉
    Not fond of needles pricking my skin, never been to an acupuncture treatment, I just think I wouldn’t feel comfortable. It’s kind of a block, really, as I have no problem with blood tests.
    I bet it does amazing goodness, but one needs to be able to relax first, and just the thought of a dangling needle makes me shiver…
    Any tips on overcoming this fear?

    • Essential oils are great, I’m all about a few drops of ylang ylang and orange at the moment 😎

      You are the first person I’ve heard to be nervous about acupuncture but NOT to have problem with blood tests! But that’s good, because like you said, it’s just a block rather than fear of needles. The needles don’t “dangle” either, so they’re not being weighed down.

      About 50% of my patients have never had acupuncture before so they are quite nervous the first time. I put them at ease by explaining the process to them, and I use a few acupuncture points that are really good for relaxing. But ultimately I just get on with the treatment – the longer you think about anything, the more magnified it becomes. And every single newbie I’ve treated is always pleasantly surprised. So just go for it, Andrea! The amazing goodness of acupuncture is worth it.

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