Best way to eat more fruit

Fruit displays help you to eat more fruit.

I have a friend who shies away from buying fruit because they get so comfortable in her flat and before you know it, it’s been awhile since they were brought home and now they’re just a tad mouldier than they were last week.

I know my friend isn’t alone. Whether it’s a lack of time (bananas are so much easier to grab in a rush than kiwis), ripeness (there is a very, very fine line between ripening and… off) or just plain plain-ness (apples tend to get overlooked if you’ve got an exotic fruit salad) eating fruit without wasting isn’t as simple as you would think.

My number one super-easy tip? Display them as part of your decorations! Fruit kept in the back of the drawer in the fridge tend to get forgotten, if they’re out you can’t ignore them.

I have this lovely cake stand that has never held cupcakes, instead it’s played host to oranges, pears, bananas, kiwis, Sharon fruits, and avocadoes. Think of it as living art for your wellbeing.

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