Pointspace’s March roundup | Is meat bad for you and one easy step to improve your posture



Can you believe March is almost over? This year does seem to be flying by at an incredible rate. With the spring like weather, I have rediscovered the joys of Greek yogurt: with smoked salmon and avocado for a refreshing breakfast, or drizzled with honey and sprinkled with almonds and hazelnuts for a yummy snack. Later on in the year it will be delicious with some juicy blueberries or succulent sharon fruit. 


1.  A new study has shown that those who eat red meat (especially processed meat) have a higher risk of getting heart disease and cancer. While the debate continues on whether we humans were meant to eat meat, I do know that there are those who incorporate meat into a healthy diet and others who shun meat but exist on pizzas and fries. The important thing is to try to eat less smoked and cured meats and enjoy your food, whatever your preferences.


2.  Those of you who know me may have heard my traffic jam analogy when explaining how acupuncture works. I often tell my patients that the body is like the M25. Dr Zhen Zheng from RMIT University uses the same concept here in her short video.


3. Symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome include fatigue, skin rashes, muscle and joint pain, difficulty concentrating and emotional problems. There is no cure for Gulf War Syndrome but one doctor believes traditional acupuncture may provide relief.


4.  Feel yourself slouching more and more lately? Here’s a really simple way to improve your posture with almost minimal effort.


5. Finally, does birth order determine your personality? Do you think the order you were born influences who you are?

Photo credit: chris bartnik photography via Flickr

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